About Us

After six years of experiences in organizing variety of events, we decided to expand our passion to the next step. ‘OMG Party’ was established In 2016 to fulfill extreme amusement to anyone who join in and create an unforgettable party experience!


We throw a party

We throw a party

The extreme amusement is the DNA of OMG Party. We want you to be part of this to create an unforgettable concert. Including organizer, partner or promoter.

Internal Party

Every year, the company will have a party such as a, thank you party, a dealer party or a staff party which is our profession. If you want to make the best memories for your clients or staff, choose us, because we throw a party!

Exclusive Party

The extreme exclusive party will make the guests feel special and WOW with the various GIMMICK in the event. Even it’s a small party but we guarantee to be an impressing for a long

We Throw A Party

That You Can Enjoy A Unique Concert experience and fulfill extreme amusement with us!